Quranic Course

Quranic Course is An Online Quran Teaching,  Online Quran Reading with Tajweed & All Online Quran Courses Provider with Qualified & Experienced Online Quran Tutors & Islamic Teachers For Kids & Adults Online Via Skype. It Facilitates Kids & Adults with Distance Learning One 2 One in Their Convenient Timings and Days.

Learn Quran Reading

Learn How To Read Quran Online with Proper Tajweed & Grammar in No Time with Our Extremely Qualified Experienced. This Course Has No Age Limit and It is Open For Kids, Adults & Old People.

Learn Applied Tajweed

Have You Ever Thought To Have Advanced Tajweed Added To Your Quran Reading??? Well, We Made it Happen in no Time with our Expertise through our Online Quran Teachers who specialized in Applied Tajweed, This Course Covers Almost All Topic of Tajweed that are Needed For Perfect Recitation.Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed. Join Now Before It is very Late.

Why Us??

  1. Time & Days with Your Choice
  2. Monthly Detailed Tests
  3. Basic Islamic Info
  4. Free Trial Lesson
  5. Qualified & Experienced Teachers
  6. Female Teachers Are Available
Quran Reading Course

Learn with “Quranic Course” How To Read Quran Online with Tajweed Online Via Skype Through Our Expert, Qualified & Experienced Teachers.This Course is Designed For Those Kids & Adults Who Want To Develop Quran Reading Skills Through Basic Arabic Reading Rules Implemented For Quran Recitation. To Start Lesson with Us All You need to do is to Make an Account in Skype and Add us, We Will Provide You Teachers According To your Convenient Timings.

Hifz-ul- Quran Course

Memorizing Quran simply means learning it by heart. At the time of Prophet (peace be upon him), the writing was an uncommon style of storing matters; thus, memorization and oral transmission were the most effective modes of preserving information. This course is designed for those who want to memorize the holy Quran online. Your class will be assigned to a tutor who will be Hafiz-Ul-Quran and will guide you step by step giving you specific lessons every day as a homework. The way would be just like physical classes in Madrassas / Islamic centers. You will memorize the holy Quran at your own pace.

Tajweed Course

Learn with “Quranic Course ” How To Read & Recite Quran Online with Proper Applied Tajweed  Via Skype Through Our Expert, Qualified & Experienced Online Quran Teachers & Tutors  who are Specialized in Applied Tajweed and Well-known for it.It is an Advanced Course OF Applied Tajweed which Covers All Tajweed Rules & Regulations with Their Proper Implementations in Quranic Verses. So, Avail This Course Today and Contact Us To Book it As soon as it is Possible.

Quran Tafseer Course

Learn The Holy Quran(The Words Of Allah Almighty) The Miracle with its Proper Translation(Word By Word & Complete Sentences) & Tafsir( Causes of Revelation, Connections with Previous & Next Chapters and Verses, The Sketch of Each Chapter with their time of Revelation, The Derived Lessons, Islamic Ahkam with Detail, The Stories of The Prophets) Through Our Extremely Qualified & Experienced Scholars & Muftis in a very comprehensive way.

Arabic Language Course

Learn Arabic Language Online Via Skype Through Our Expert, Qualified & Experienced Teachers. We Offer Both MSA(Modern Standard Arabic) & Classical Arabic Courses with 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. In These Courses, We Mainly Cover Basic Arabic Grammar including Simple & Verbal Sentences Structures that Enable Learners Form Sentences with ease. Having Learnt The Grammar Students Are Good To Go with The Most Famous Arabic Books.

Urdu Language Course

Learn ” How To Read, Write & Speak Urdu ??? ” with us Online One 2 One According To  Your Convenient Timings & Days with Our Expert & Highly Qualified Educated Teachers via Skype with 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. We Offer A Full Urdu Language Course that Consists of Reading Course, Speaking Course & Some Advance Courses.

Avail This Course in This Summer.



24 / 7 / 365 Friendly Customer Support is available.

Multiple Langauges

Teaching Services are Provided in Multiple Languages

Qualified Teachers

Qualified, Experienced and Trained Male/Female Tutors.

100% Satisfaction

We Guarantee 100% Satisfaction To All The Learners.

1 To 1 Lessons

1 To 1 Teaching with Full Attention & Devotion

Speech Sessions

We Also Spare out Some Time To Train Students For Islamic Speeches.

Lessons Recording

Our All Lessons Are Recorded For Quality Purpose

Special Offers

We Also Come up with Special Offers That Include Discount For Families and Groups.

I would Recommend Everyone Who Wants To Learn Basic & Advanced Reading with Tajweed. Quran To Recite Surely Has Qualified & Experienced Teachers who are Dedicated For Spiritual Training.

Sohail Khan

New York, USA

It was Really Great To Have Mr. Yasir as Quran Tutor For Our Kids. Feel So Blessed as The Teacher Gives Full Attention with Devotion.He is not only a qualified Teacher but Also very Patient and Kind.

Javed Akhtar

Milan, Italy

No Doubt The Services “Quranic Course” Provide are Matchless and Amazing.The Teachers at This Academy are Highly Qualified and Experienced.The could be simply known for Their Teaching methods.

Ahmad Ali

Leeds, UK

It took me so long to find the best quran teacher online .My Search on Google ended up on This Academy as The Best Platform For the  Kids & Adults  To Lear Quran Online with Proper Tajweed.

Sarfaraz Ahmed


What is Quranic Course?

It is a leading Quran-online academy and recognized today for providing quality education. We guide students personally in order to learn the Holy Quran-Online effectively and efficiently.

Are Teachers At Quranic Center Qualified?

Yes, Its y instructors are highly qualified, experienced and trained particularly in the field of teaching Quran-Online. These tutors are appointed by our HR department comprising of professionals and experts in the relevant field. Tutors have to successfully pass many tests, interviews and demo classes before their appointment. There are frequent training and refresher classes for all tutors to ensure quality. These training sessions are compulsory for all tutors.

Do You Teach Quran Only ?

No, we also teach the basics of Islam like Declarations/Kalimas, Salat/Prayer, hadith, and Duas.

How Does Quran Teaching Work?

It is an online-Quran teaching system which enables students to interact (live) with teachers from any computer having internet access. Teacher’s computer screen is shared with student. Student’s see the Qaida and Quranic Pages on their computer screen and then the tutor guides the student with the help of different tools and techniques to read, recite and understand Quran properly.

Do you have Any Quality Assurance Mechanism ?

All of our telephone calls are recorded for quality assurance purpose. 24 hours CCTV recording system is installed in tutor’s room. There are frequent tests of students to ensure effective learning process. Frequent teachers training sessions/workshops are also arranged to ensure standardization and academic quality. Detailed quality assurance mechanism can be viewed on our official website.

How Can I Pay The Fee?

You can pay via Western Union, Bank, Xoom, Transfer fast, MoneyGram, Credit Card. Our finance department will assist you in making the payment smoothly.

How Can I Start Classes?

Please fill up the registration form available at our website and our customer support will contact you via e-mail or telephone. Our technical support team will assist you in installing software which will enable you to interact with our academic department.

What Type of Internet is Required?

The computer must be P4 or above having DSL broadband internet connection (preferably 512k or above). Software includes Skype, team viewer and Mikogo (for screen sharing and voice conversation). Our professional technical support team will help you in downloading and installing this software on your computer.

Can I get Some Discount?

Yes, sure you can have group discount if two or more members of your family get registered with Best Islamic Way. We also offer special packages for introducing new members.


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